Who we are

Customer Care Limited is a market research business that specializes in providing customised mystery shopping programs to businesses throughout New Zealand and Australia. Customer Care’s key point of differentiation is our ability to provide quality mystery shopping services which are “Best in Class”, at a price that customers can afford. Customer Care stands behind its Service Commitment Guarantee.

Customer Care was founded by Diane Rudkin and Judy Cormack in 1992. Judy’s background in marketing management combined with Diane’s background in retail management and sales training placed them in an excellent position to develop mystery shopping programmes. The business was initially paper based where mystery shopping surveys were posted to the mystery shopper, hand written and then posted back to the head office for checking and report generation. Diane recognized the need to exploit the advantages of the online world and started development of Customer Care’s online mystery shopping system.

In 2005 Customer Care was purchased by Melissa Wilson and Richard Lake. They continued the transformation of Customer Care from a paper based, resource intensive business to a highly efficient online entity. They extended the customer base substantially and started to provide other forms of market research.

Helen Hood managed the business for them for 5 years and in 2014 her and her partner Peter Gilroy purchased the business. Helen  and Peter  have a passion for this business and during their careers have accumulated a number of key skills such as: customer service management, sales training and business performance management. They are experts when it comes to mystery shopping. It is their collective knowledge that customers benefit from when devising a mystery shopping programme to improve customer service. 

What we do

Although Customer Care is best known for their expertise in mystery shopping they offer other customized services that involve market research.  These services include: