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Analysing Competitors
This article will look at the importance of how to stay ahead in the market by completing regular Competitor Analysis and gaining Competitive Intelligence.
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The click and collect concept is a new trend of online shopping and is becoming more and more popular in New Zealand and around the world. It allows shoppers to purchase items online and pick them up in-store. Providing a seamless Customer Experience has never been more important to increase sales and guarantee return customers
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Recognise Staff
This article will look at why it is important to monitor and reward employees for good performance and will explain why this is vital to any business.
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Online Shopping
The impact that Covid 19 has had on us all is huge and during this time it is vital to look after your staff and customers more than ever. In order to do this, we can work with you to ensure that correct procedures are being followed and your website is user friendly. We can implement a programme for your business with no set up costs, no contracts required and no reporting costs – simple!
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Market Research
Market Research is essential for every business as it will provide you with significant data to help challenges that a business will most likely face and is therefore a fundamental part of the business planning process.
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Secret Shopping
To achieve customer retention and loyalty, you need to understand the importance of praising your staff for their work. Praise and recognition are vital to any business or workplace as we all need to feel valued for the work we do.
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