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Every business needs to engage in Market Research

Market Research is essential for every business as it will provide you with significant data to help challenges that a business will most likely face and is therefore a fundamental part of the business planning process.

Customers SHOULD BE the focal point of every business organisation.  Mystery shopping services will determine customer satisfaction rates and is a standard research method which can be used to gather feedback from consumers.   While the most common method for Mystery Shopping is conducting of surveys in person it can also be done via phone or by making online enquiries.  It is imperative that every business looks to continually improve the Customer Service Experience.



Mystery Shopping Market Research

Mystery Shopping is definitely a key strength at Customer Care and is something we have been involved in since 1992.  We have over 2000 Market Researchers (Mystery Shoppers) who we use to monitor the customer service offered by different businesses.  We conduct Market Research Mystery Shopping to many businesses including:

  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Computer and technology industry
  • Vehicle Industry
  • Medical Industry
  • Building
  • Technology Sector
  • Government
  • Financial
  • Tourism
  • Loyalty and Reward Programs
  • Not for Profit 

Advantages of Mystery Shopping Market Research

Monitoring of Store and Staff Presentation:   There are many different things a business needs to monitor and take care of in order to retain customers.  These include cleanliness of the store, the layout of the store, the merchandise displays and staff presentation.  Mystery Shoppers can include this in their reports and therefore gives the businesses the chance to rectify any issues that are found.

Performance of Staff: A mystery shopper will visit your business and have some sort of interaction with your staff and they can evaluate many things during this interaction including:

  • How long until the customers are greeted?
  • How were before they were acknowledged?
  • Did the customer feel welcome?
  • Did the staff member ask questions to ascertain needs?
  • Did the staff member appear interested in the enquiry?
  • Did the staff member display good knowledge of the products/services?
  • Did the staff member encourage add on sales? 

Detailed Reporting highlighting BOTH positive and negative: Customer Care has extensive reporting and also has a mobile app for viewing the surveys and reports.  These reports will inform the business of their strengths and weaknesses and also allows for them to implement training programmes for their staff and also to reward staff when great service has been given.  To view a sample of what we can offer please visit www.customercare.co.nz and login with the user name and password of client3.0


Competitor Analysis Market Research

A competitive analysis performed by Mystery Shoppers will help you achieve what your competitor is doing, what prices they are offering and will also help you identify what they're doing right and what they are doing wrong!

YOUR BUSINESS needs to stay on top of your market and this has never been more important or more challenging.  If your competitors have an edge, it becomes viral by the use of social media.  Keep on top by learning what they are offering, how they are interacting with their customers and how they perform in comparison.  From this you will learn what you do better and what they do better. 

Learn what products and services your competitors are offering, what they are charging and then improve what you offer and keep up with price demands.  For example, for new home builders you can learn what sections your competitors are offering, what inclusions they have, quality of fit outs etc.

Learn more:  https://www.customercare.co.nz/services/competitor-analysis/


Market Research - Compliance Audits and Retail Store Audits

Compliance auditing is all about ensuring your staff are adhering to policies and statutory regulations. Compliance Auditing is conducted by Mystery Shoppers and involves them visiting your premises to conduct the audit.  Compliance auditing is all about ensuring your staff are adhering to policies and statutory regulations. Failure to adhere can result in legal consequences.


Compliance Auditing is conducted by Mystery Shoppers and involves them visiting your premises to conduct the audit.

Retail Audits are also another field of Market Research that is vital to your business as the store experience is becoming more important than ever with click and collect being increasingly used.  Keeping stock levels available is also vital. Not having stock available or having merchandise poorly displayed can make the shopping experience a poor one for you customers. We have invested in the latest mobile technology to ensure that our retail/store audits provide real time information and images. 

Audits can cover as many areas as desired including price, product displays, promotions, placements, marketing materials and point of sale merchandising.

 Engaging in these audits will ensure that your stores are representing the brand in a way to obtain and increase Customer Satisfaction

How Will Audits Help Your Business?


ENSURING your vision for stores is met and reducing the headaches of staff not meeting their statutory or regulatory expectations.

HELPING you to identify where stores may be lacking regarding presentation of particular brands, prices and visual merchandising therein.

ENABLING you to ensure that stores are run as efficiently as possible

ADDRESSING particular modes of presentation, specifically in the food and hospitality spheres of business. 

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