Check.pngService Commitment Guarantee: 

Customer Care will deliver an unbiased qualitative assessment of the service experience received during a mystery shop which allows you to drive measurable business improvements. We stand behind the integrity of our mystery shopping programme.

Check.pngProven Track Record: 

Customer Care has a proven track record of delivering mystery shopping to organisations nationwide.

Check.pngThe Best Mystery Shoppers: 

Customer Care accepts only 20% of the applications it receives and uses a competency based recruitment methodologies. This ensures that we only have the best shoppers available to complete your assignment.

Check.pngMystery Shopper Profiling: 

Mystery Shoppers provide extensive profile information about themselves on our data base so we can match your specific profiling requirements. Mystery shoppers are hand picked for their assignments. We have we have a high calibre of shoppers throughout New Zealand and Australia.

Check.pngGenuine Shopping Experience: 

Customer Care has a business rule to not send a shopper back to the same location within a four month period. This ensures mystery shoppers remain a mystery.

Check.pngQuick and Efficient: 

Our mystery shoppers enter the data online which translates to improved turn around times for our customers. Customer Care’s business rule is to have the mystery shopping results posted to the web site within three days of the store visit. Once published, the data will be available instantaneously for review by your list of approved users over a secure web browser interface.

Check.pngQuality Assurance: 

Each mystery shopping report follows a two stage checking process to ensure the final results are of the highest standard.

Check.pngLeading Edge Technology: 

Customer Care has invested in the latest computer technology and our primary vehicle for reporting Mystery Shopper Results is on-line through our Customer Care website –

Efficiencies in using an on-line system translate to an improved turnaround time for clients to access their mystery shop data. Each client is issued with a user login and password so that they are able to access the shopper reports and summary data at any time over a secure internet connection.  They are also able to download an app on their phones and the results of the surveys will notified and then viewed on any mobile phone.

Check.pngTiered user Access: 

Branch level user access is able to be provided, which allows individual department s to view their own survey results, and compare their results against the group average. Head office user access allows visibility of all surveys and global reporting.

Check.pngExtensive Reporting: 

Customer Care’s survey system has a suite of reports that will help your business identify coaching opportunities and rewards for excellent service. All reports are available online and via any mobile device.