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Competitor Analysis

In today’s fast changing and increasingly competitive industry, what you don’t know CAN harm you. YOUR BUSINESS needs to stay  on top of your market and this has never been more important or more challenging.  If your competitors have an edge, it becomes viral by the use of social media.  Keep on top by learning what they are offering, how they are interacting with their customers and how they perform in comparison.  From this you will learn what you do better and what they do better. 

Learn what products and services your competitors are offering, what they are charging and then improve what you offer and keep up with with price demands.  For example, we do a lot of this research for retirement homes nationwide and obtain information on activities, inclusions, rooms sizes, prices, quality of fit outs etc

Our mystery audits used for competitor analysis are committed to providing you with insights into your competitors. By choosing Customer Care for a competitor product or price analysis will prove to help you make the right decisions and increase your sales. 


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