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Click and Collect and the Customer Service Experience


The click and collect concept is a new trend of online shopping and is becoming more and more popular in New Zealand and around the world.  It allows shoppers to purchase items online and pick them up in-store. 

The benefits of Click and Collect for Consumers

It makes the shopping journey more convenient for shoppers as they can make purchases from the comfort of their own home, and collecting the item whenever is most convenient for them, instead of paying for shipping or waiting for their delivery to arrive.  It also eliminates the risk of a lost delivery and provides more security and certainty. 

The benefits of Click and Collect for Retailer

Investing in Click and Collect creates numerous benefits to retailers and this is why it needs to be a service that is efficient.

One of the most important benefits is that when a shopper comes in to collect their online purchase a lot of them will make additional purchases.  Studies have indicated that between 50-70% of shoppers purchase additional products.  This gives you the perfect chance to upsell to your customers and increase your sales revenue.

Another benefit for the retailer is the reduction in operating costs as courier costs are becoming more and more expensive especially for next day delivery. 

Many shoppers will abandon their cart when online shopping when they see the timings for delivery and the cost of the courier so increased online conversions are another benefit when there is a click and collect option.  By ordering via 'Click and Collect' it means they get their purchase quicker and they can collect at a time that suits them. By being able to select this method is the difference between them making a purchase with you or not.


Click and Collect and Customer Service

As mentioned above, one of the most important benefits of click and collect is the additional purchases that shoppers make.  If you are collecting an item/s from a store and you receive inefficient and unfriendly service, you will just want to leave as quick as you can.  However, if you enter a store to pick up an item and receive efficient and friendly service, you are more likely to spend more time in the store and take a look around.

Example:  You turn up to a store to collect a handbag that you have purchased online and the staff member does not make you feel welcome, takes a long time to get the item for you and then does not thank you for the purchase – why would you hang around to look at the other merchandise? 

On the other hand, you turn up to the store to collect a handbag and you receive a lovely welcome, the staff member builds a rapport and collects the item efficiently – you are more than happy to stay and look at what else is in the store.  Having staff attempting to upsell would be great, perhaps there is a new wallet that matches the new handbag that you have just collected.  How great would it be to know your staff are attempting to increase the sales for your business?  It would be even better to recognise them for their efforts and increase morale in the team.

Measuring the Customer Service Experience with a Mystery Shopping Programme



Measuring the Customer Service Experience offered by your staff is just as important for this method of online shopping as it is any other method.  By introducing a Mystery Shopping Programme you can measure and test the following components of the experience:

  • How did shoppers find your website?
  • Was the site easy to navigate?
  • How was the checkout process?
  • Are your shoppers being greeted in a friendly manner?
  • Are your salespeople attempting to build a rapport?
  • Was the item found efficiently?
  • Did the salesperson attempt to add on to the sale?
  • Did the salesperson thank you for your purchase?
  • Did the salesperson invite you to return?

All of the above are crucial to obtaining returning customers.  The advantage of providing a seamless, friendly and efficient customer experience has never been more important. 

Click and Collect is a growing trend and as this increases in popularity, you will need to measure the customer experience so talk to us today https://www.customercare.co.nz/