A lot of people believe that Mystery Shopping is only used to find out what staff members are doing wrong but this is a misconception.  Mystery Shopping is a tool to provide feedback on what staff are doing well and where there are some gaps that could use some training.

Recognising staff that go above and beyond is vital and rewarding them is a great tool for staff retention.  Feeling valued in your job makes you want to stay in your – it is that simple!  Staff retention creates a team of engaged people who want to do their best and this will result in more growth for your business.

Recognising positive behaviours are small steps to creating a big difference in increased satisfaction for the customers.  Look out for the following:

  • Are customers being greeted when they enter your business?

  • Is the greeting friendly and inviting?

  • Are customers being approached with an offer of help?

  • Do your staff attempt to build rapport?

  • Do your staff have knowledge of your products and services that they pass on confidently?

  • Do your staff attempt to add on to the sale?

  • Are all customers being farewelled and invited to return?


  • The business chooses what they want to test – this can be either whether the staff member encouraged add on sales, asking of open ended questions, an invitation to return etc

  • We then send shoppers in and test the KPI

  • If the staff member is successful, the shopper will identify them and tell them that they have done a great job and the Manager will receive a copy of the report

  • The Manager can then reward the staff member with a voucher or something similar

  • The report showing the success could then be put on a staff noticeboard or in a newsletter

What really matters in any workplace is the management helping the employees feel appreciated.  Appreciation is a fundamental human need and appreciation of the work your staff do through recognition confirm that their work is valued by others.