Retail/store audits are an effective way to monitor how your stores are presenting themselves and your products to your customers. 

We have invested in the latest mobile technology to ensure that our retail/store audits provide real time information and images.

 Our audits can cover as many areas as desired including:

iconfinder_tick-green_339070.png Price                                                                                                                                         
iconfinder_tick-green_339070.png Product Displays
iconfinder_tick-green_339070.png Promotions, Placements & Pricing
iconfinder_tick-green_339070.png Marketing Materials
iconfinder_tick-green_339070.png Point of Sale Merchandising

Some companies choose to audit compliance themselves, however this can take away valuable time from those needing to run other aspects of the business. Known faces conducting audits in stores and branches also create an incentive for staff to falsely up their compliance. It is all too common of a scenario where staff are aware of the "big boss" coming in for a check-up and act differently, thus you don't get an accurate portrayal of the day to day operation of the store. 

Engaging in these audits will ensure that your stores are representing the brand in a way to obtain and increase Customer Satisfactions?



ENSURING your vision for stores is met

HELPING you to identify where stores may be lacking regarding presentation of particular brands, prices and visual merchandising therein. This identification will enable swift rectification of issues involving staff not meeting expectations for store presentation or any other issues which may be affecting the inconsistencies.

ADDRESSING particular modes of presentation, specifically in the food and hospitality spheres of business. If you have certain ways you want a beer or wine presented, or food to be arranged on a plate, auditing can ensure this is consistent and adhered to, allowing you to take action if these expectations are not met. Not only are these audits essential to a business manager, but can be equally, if not more beneficial to brands with products in certain stores, restaurants or bars. If you are someone who is selling their product through another business but you have particular stipulations about the presentation of your product and advertising, auditing enables you to get an on the ground view of the stores carrying your product without you even entering the doors.


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