What is Mystery Shopping?

Mystery Shopping is where we either visit, call, email your business to report on the customer service received from your staff.  Mystery Shopping is becoming more than just visiting a retail store to assess the service and is widely used in many areas which can include:

  • Testing online shopping service
  • Sending emails and reporting on waiting times etc
  • Phone calls to businesses to test how long the call took to be answered and how helpful and knowledgeable the staff members are when answering enquiries on the phone
  • Testing of ‘Live Chat’ facilities

How many Mystery Shoppers do you have and where are they located?

We have over 2500 shoppers throughout New Zealand and they are all assessed each time they complete an assignment and only the best rated shoppers are given assignments.

How much does it cost to have Mystery Shoppers visit my business?

The costs vary depending on the complexity of each job but as an indication it costs approximately $90.00 (ecl GST) for a fully trained Mystery Shopper to visit a retail store and test the service provided including:

  • Store and Staff Presentation
  • Greeting
  • Acknowledgement
  • Customer Service and Knowledge
  • Add ons
  • Closing of the sale
  • Farewell

With Customer Care, there are no other costs at all.  We will work with you to develop a questionnaire that suits you and set this up online for the shoppers to complete.  All reporting etc is also free of charge and you will receive a login to our site where your surveys and reporting will be accessible on your own customised portal complete with dashboard etc.

How much notice do you need to give if you require a Mystery Shopper to visit a business?

We are very flexible and we can organise a visit with as little as 24 hours’ notice.

Do the Mystery Shoppers make a purchase if visiting a retail store?

This is completely up to the client.  If you do require a purchase to be made we can agree on an amount limit and then this will have to be reimbursed to the shopper.  However, the majority of surveys do not require a purchase to be made.  For hospitality businesses, a purchase would be required but we can limit the amount spend by the shopper and reimburse up to that limit.  All receipts are attached to the surveys.