What is Mystery Shopping?

Mystery shopping is a ‘snapshot’ of the customer service at your business. A mystery shopper visits your business, posing as a customer and describes their experience in detail with particular reference to the customer service they received.

The objective of our Customer Care Mystery Shopping Programme is to measure the quality of customer service and selling skills demonstrated by your salespeople when they are with their customers.

Mystery shopping provides management with a detailed assessment of employee performance and the variables that affect your customer's experience and satisfaction. It is an objective view of your business through the eyes of your customer and a mechanism to assess the strength of the customer service experience.

How will my business benefit from Mystery Shopping?

A well- planned and executed Mystery Shopping Programme will provide management with objective feedback to support your:

  • Customer Service and Sales Training
  • Performance Reviews and Incentive Programmes

This information can help you:

  • Resolve Problems before you Lose Customers or Market Share
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction
  • Enhance and Reward Staff Performance
  • Identify Training issues
  • And ultimately lead to Increased Profits

Who are Customer Care's Mystery Shoppers?

Customer Care has a national network of over 1500 experienced mystery shoppers trained on what to observe during each visit or telephone call. We individually train each shopper and their performance is evaluated using our rating system, focusing on accuracy and detail. We retain a history of completed assignments and their demographic profile.

When scheduling mystery shopping Customer Care selects the highest rated mystery shopper who meets the target profile in the desired location.

To avoid the same shoppers repeating assignments, when a Mystery Shopping Programme requires on-going repeat mystery shopping, 'new faces' are trained and employed on a regular basis. No matter where your business is, we are there too!

How does Customer Care report the results?

Customer Care reports all their mystery shopping results on-line through our Customer Care website. Each client has a unique username and password to access their surveys and reports on our website.

Online data entry by mystery shoppers provides instant access to the information by our Project Team for their review and quality control. Clients can access their mystery shop reports online within days of mystery shopping being completed.

How long will it take to set up a Mystery Shopping Programme?

Customer Care works closely with clients to tailor a Mystery Shopping Programme to reflect your key business objectives, training programme and areas of concern. A new Mystery Shopping Programme can be implemented within two weeks of our initial meeting to discuss your requirements.

Can we use our existing Mystery Shopping surveys?

Customer Care has developed and implemented Mystery Shopping Programmes for a variety of industries. We can develop a completely new survey, use your existing survey or suggest ways to improve your current evaluation strategies to target your key objectives and areas of concern.

Why not organise our Mystery Shopping Programme ourselves?

Our experience indicates that mystery shopping conducted independently of the Company is perceived by the staff as being more impartial and credible.