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About Mystery Shopping

We are contracted by our clients to mystery shop their businesses. Our mystery shopping surveys measure their salespeople’s quality of customer service and selling skills when they are with their customers.

Our surveys provide valuable information to our clients that they can use to improve their service and increase their sales. They let them know what their salespeople are doing well and what they could be doing better. Their salespeople know that they could be mystery shopped at any time. They just never know who the mystery shopper is or when he or she could be in the store.

What Happens

We phone or email our shoppers about their assignments. We ‘brief’ them about what store they are to visit, when their visit is to be completed, and specify their enquiry. We email instructions to them and the shopper reads the survey online prior to mystery shopping.

The shopper then visits the store ‘anonymously’, pretending to be a ‘normal’ shopper.  We do not go into the stores as difficult or critical shoppers. We are not out to ‘spy’ on salespeople. We are interested in receiving an accurate account of exactly what happened in the store during the mystery shopping assignment.

Questions in the survey cover areas such as:

Store and staff presentation

How long it takes to be acknowledged and served

Friendliness of the staff

What the salespeople did or did not do to encourage shoppers to buy

The shopper then completes the survey online within 24 hours of visiting the store.

Confidentiality Mystery Shopping is very ‘sensitive’ work. All of the information in the surveys is confidential to our clients. Our mystery shoppers must not discuss their assignments with people outside of Customer Care.

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