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Businesses are running in an extremely competitive environment. Therefore, providing good service to customers is vital. A business that has its customers at heart will provide them with quality customer service.

Satisfied customers give good reviews, which helps strengthen the business brand and name. For this reason, the business needs to strive to provide outstanding customer service. Mystery shopping is a technique that is used to measure customer service quality and provides businesses with invaluable feedback.


  • Boost customer’s loyalty

Ensuring that customers get a great experience will result in an increase in CUSTOMER LOYALTY.  Customer expectations have increased and in this ever-increasingly competitive environment, a business that provides great customer service will increase customer loyalty, and differentiate themselves from their competitors.

  • Results to growth of business

Good customer service will give your business a good chance to grow. Good service builds trust with customers. These customers recommend other customers, resulting in a high customer flow, therefore, a high sale and cash flow. Good sales will result in the growth of your business. How you treat your customers holds the future for your business.

  • Good reputation

Good and outstanding customer service enhances the reputation of the brand. A good reputation makes your business known, and a business that is known draws many customers to it. Your brand gets to the front of people's minds. Hence whenever they think of shopping, they think of reaching out to you.

  • An effective workforce

Customers help create a positive working environment. This is because they lead to more sales due to the recommendations they give to others. This helps build a good working environment for employees, and as a result, an effective workforce.

  • Existing customers are more likely to buy from you than new customers.

Apart from trying to reach out to new customers, good customer service helps to retain the already existing ones. These are your loyal customers. Providing good customer service will have them coming back for more later. You will have the privilege to retain them and have the chance to have them bring in new customers.

  • It builds trust.

Customers want to feel confident with your business. They want to venture into a place they can trust and feel well looked after. Good customer service will give them this. You can do this by making your customers feel welcome and building a rapport with them.



  • Identifies areas of concern

Mystery shopping helps determine which part of your customer service needs a little more concentration and identifies what is lagging your business behind. Mystery shopping also helps with feedback on what to do to improve your services and can help to disclose a problem before it can deeply affect your sales.

  • Increases consistency

Mystery shopping ensures that business is up to standards with the level of customer service they provide.  By implementing a regular mystery shopping programme, you are encouraging your staff to provide good service 100% of the time.  This will ensure that the service you offer is consistent.

  • Initiates rewards

Mystery shopping helps the company or a business identify and reward the employees who are doing a great job. This helps to build morale and motivate the employees. This will push the business a step forward, resulting in better services leading to improves daily sales.

  • Get feedback from customers.

A business uses mystery shopping programs to get immediate and reliable feedback from a customer or several customers in the store. This will help you get an idea of the business services and products from their point of view. The practice will help you know the area that needs some changes and what you might be doing wrong, yet you think you are doing right. This helps highlight the areas of need, what to improve on and the areas that you are doing well.

  • Get an update on the employees' performance.

You may not be at your business at all times. Therefore, you will not know what happens in your absence and how your staff deal with customers. Mystery shopping helps your business by giving you feedback about your staff and how they deal with your customers.

Learn more at: https://www.customercare.co.nz/services/mystery-shopping/