Customer Care prides itself in our ability to deliver reliable data on the customer experience via their online experience on your website. We have a pool of REAL PEOPLE who will evaluate your online shopping facilities and provide you with a comprehensive report.  Prices start from $40.00 per survey (excl GST) with no hidden costs!



A mystery shopper will visit your website to make an online purchase and assess your site and the process of purchasing via your site.  They can assess the ease of use, the design, the contact facilities, the adding to the cart and the checkout process. Functionality testing is widely used and can encompass many areas but usability testing is becoming more and more popular with the increase of online shopping.  Usability testing provides detailed reports about the user experience and the user interface. 


  • Help uncover usability issues and identifies problems areas
  • Provides you with an understanding of the user experience
  • Increases customer satisfaction
  • Reduces abandoned shopping carts
  • Allows a higher quality website
  • Provides INSIGHT from real users
  • Allows you to identify where changes need to be made to improve the experience for the customer

We all have time and money spent on our site to ensure that it is user friendly.  In order to ensure you have been successful you will need to have data on the end users actual experience and how they found the process of making purchases and/or just enquiring about the services you provide.

The experience that the user has can definitely affect your conversion rate for you website and business.

In order to get an objective view on how the site is operating, we can provide full reports and reporting so you can gauge customer satisfaction and make changes as required.

You need to have an understanding of how your user/visitor views the online shopping experience and how they found the whole process from locating your site, navigation of the site, purchasing a product on the site, the checkout process, the follow up and the delivery time.



We can develop a programme that can be customised in order to achieve the data and reporting your business will need to make any adjustments you need to action in order to get increased online results and ordering.

  • Website design and ease of use
  • Ease of locating products
  • Shopping Cart - modifying and deleting items
  • Shipping Options
  • Live Chat Facilities if available or response to email regarding your order
  • Shipping time frames and cost
  • How long it took for product/s to arrive
  • Items packaging
  • Returning of products and length of time to receive credit


 Sample Survey Report [PDF] My_Post15.png

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View a sample account:
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  • We will work with you to design a questionnaire specific to measuring your key online performance drivers – THIS IS ALL DONE FREE OF CHARGE
  • We will get the questionnaire loaded onto our platform with your branding and logos and then complete an evaluation for you at NO CHARGE to ensure we are capturing the data you are looking for
  • If necessary we can make changes until we get the questionnaire capturing all the data required
  • Mystery Shoppers will then be recruited to complete the process – we have over 2500 shoppers in New Zealand and we can refine these if a particular demographic is required.
  • Full instructions will be provided to the shopper and then they will then start the process with a full and detailed evaluation of your website.
  • We can test all parts of the site or specific features within your site.  For example, how easy is it to use Live Chat, to send an email etc and how long are the responses taking.
  • Following the evaluations of the shoppers online experience, you will receive an email pdf of the reports and also access to our platform with a user name and password so you can view the reporting which will give you instant access to all data and also gives the ability to drill down what is working and what needs attention.  You will have an integrated customised dashboard which will allow you and any designated staff to access the information.


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