Compliance auditing is all about ensuring your staff are adhering to policies and statutory regulations. Failure to adhere can result in legal consequences.

Compliance Auditing is conducted by Mystery Shoppers and involves them visiting your premises to conduct the audit.

Common areas are:

iconfinder_tick-green_339070.png Casinos/Gaming Rooms - ensuring that problem gamblers are reported
iconfinder_tick-green_339070.png Liquor Stores - ensuring liquor is only sold to people over 18 and that ID is being requested if the shopper looks under 25
iconfinder_tick-green_339070.png Facility Maintenance Standards
iconfinder_tick-green_339070.png Checking that materials and signage comply with legal guidelines
iconfinder_tick-green_339070.png Information - are your staff giving the correct information to specific request





ENSURING your vision for stores is met and reducing the headaches of staff not meeting their statutory or regulatory expectations.

HELPING you to identify where stores may be lacking regarding presentation of particular brands, prices and visual merchandising therein. This identification will enable swift rectification of issues involving staff not meeting expectations for store presentation or any other issues which may be affecting the inconsistencies.

ENABLING you to ensure that stores are run as efficiently as possible regarding time management, workload and staff acting on changes. If your store runs on a KPI or "key performance indicators" system, whereby staff are expected to meet minimum standards of performance in their job, particularly in sales, auditing can identify issues here as well and can give you the knowledge and opportunity to address this with training or new systems.

ADDRESSING particular modes of presentation, specifically in the food and hospitality spheres of business. If you have certain ways you want a beer or wine presented, or food to be arranged on a plate, auditing can ensure this is consistent and adhered to, allowing you to take action if these expectations are not met. Not only are these audits essential to a business manager, but can be equally, if not more beneficial to brands with products in certain stores, restaurants or bars. If you are someone who is selling their product through another business but you have particular stipulations about the presentation of your product and advertising, auditing enables you to get an on the ground view of the stores carrying your product without you even entering the doors.